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Re: Imaizumi sword

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Just saw this in the Iwama vs other bokken thread. I am wondering if George or perhaps Marc Abrams can share more details on this. Which Itto Ryu, which kata?

We are not aware of which branch of Itto Ryu was taught. What was taught was:
1) Kote Ippon Waza (5 kata)
2) Men Ippon Waza (5 kata)
3) Do Ippon Waza (5 kata)
4) Tsuki Ippon Waza (5 kata)
5) Kote Nihon Waza (5 kata)
6) Men Nihon Waza (5 kata)
7) Do Nihon Waza (5 kata)
8) Tsuki Nihon Waza (5 kata)
9) Kote Sanbon Waza (5 kata)
10) Men Sanbon Waza (5 kata)
11) Do Sanbon Waza (5 kata)
12) Tsuki Sanbon Waza (5 kata)

These 60 kata were only part of the bokken requirements for the old Nidan testing criteria. Needless to say, completing the entire test was quite the achievement.


Marc Abrams
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