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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I am going to throw out a complete, unsubstantiated hunch (and hope no one calls me on it)...
I am pretty convinced (although I do not possess conrete evidence) that at one point in time there existed a curriculum in aikido which lay the internal strength foundation. Probably, it was some of the older solo and breathing exercises that are not as popular today. Moreso, I think the curriculum was probably initially understood by students coming from others arts, thus requiring less emphasis in training. Eventually, this curriculum was isolated and pushed out of mainstream aikido.
Hi Jon,

I think you have to look at Ueshiba's history to find some very interesting facts.

1915 - Ueshiba spends about 30 days training with Takeda
1916 - Ueshiba spends about 40 days of "official" training with Takeda.

Between 1916 and 1922, Ueshiba must train either alone or with others.

Then in 1922, Ueshiba trains about 6 months with Takeda.

By 1925, most agree Ueshiba is a giant among martial artists.

We can almost discount 1915 because Ueshiba had only just met Takeda. In 1916, Takeda probably did show some things for IP/aiki. Ueshiba trains until 1922 when Takeda completes his training for aiki. 3 years later, he's a giant. Total years = 11 (including 1915). Total time with Takeda = maybe 1 year.

Takeda creates other aiki giants like Sagawa, Kodo, Hisa, etc, thus proving there is a very trainable method of learning aiki. Sagawa's father supports this as it was Sagawa's father that asked Takeda to teach him aiki instead of techniques (Transparent Power).

Was there ever a curriculum in aikido "which lay the internal strength foundation"? No, IMO, there never was.
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