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Re: Assertive vs Confrontational?

One or two questions.

How many people train at the same time? Are you in a large group, or just a dozen or so students? Which is connected to the next question:

What is your instructor doing? Just showing techiques and then standing by and watching? Or does he/she go round from pair to pair, group to group? If you are in a large group, I can understand that the instructor does not have time to practise with each student. But I think this should be the exception, rarther than the rule.

Is it the custom in your dojo to change partners regularly, for example, after changing each technique?

Last week was a holiday and there were only two students in my class. So I showed a technique and then we made a threesome, with each person taking turns to throw the other two, doing the technique four times before the next person took over. So everyone was tori and uke equally, including the instructor.

We did this for 90 minutes, going through 1-kyou to 4-kyou from a shoumen-uchi attack, with omote and ura variations being practised separately.

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