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Re: "Connection in Aikido" by Ania Small

Some direct students of O sensei have chosen to use very sophisticated tools to develop non- physical, esoteric aikido concepts. Saotome sensei is not an exception, we can see it I.e. in aikido of Hirokazu Kobayashi sensei, Sunadomari sensei or Yamaguchi sensei.

I followed few seminars with those shihans and in my very limited understanding, these concepts should be communicated and used only with selected students that have minimum 20 years of practice under direct supervision of shihan. Otherwise it creates huge misunderstanding, particularly when one wants to teach it to the beginners and intermediary level of students. Such students are simply not ready, not only physically but also on psychical and spiritual level. They should practice hard very physically first under right supervision.

So even if I like very much Ania writings and I agree in many levels, communicate it over internet is counterproductive IMO.


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