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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

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Be careful not to associate DRAJJ with aikijujitsu. Vitold doesn't appear to claim Daito Ryu lineage, and that is a very specific thing to claim. He appears to claim aikijujitsu, which is a more generic term. His movements overall seem to indicate that type of influence....things like his zanshin "stances" and hojo dosa for ushiro waza.

I felt pretty confident I've heard of Vitold Sensei before. Must have been through Mr. Janczuk's posts.

I don't mean to discredit someone who doesn't associate outside his organization (for those who are kancho/kaicho status), just that its something to pay attention to. Sometimes people want to teach a very specific thing in a very specific manner. That's not my approach, but I can appreciate legitimate reasons behind that thinking...namely quality control. But it can also indicate a person thats just difficult to get along with, or has poor grasp of teaching material and doesn't want to look foolish in front of other instructors. Impossible to tell w/o personally experiencing their dojo.

glad you are enjoying your new dojo! Maybe you can even train at both, or just drop in to Vitold's school every once and awhile (if your teacher and Vitold are okay with that). I would be cautious with that until you have a solid understanding of what your home dojo is teaching, to avoid confusion. Part time dojo, like I am guessing yours is, becomes a pretty close 'family' of sorts. You definitely have to take into account that training environment can drastically change if your instructor becomes injured, or has work and personal life issues. These things happen. My dojo is pretty small, so if a couple people don't make class on a night, it can really change the energy level in class. Currently our dojo cho is recovering from surgery so the other black belts take turns currently our class is a very very different experience depending on who's directing things that day. This is why I always recommend to people shopping for a dojo that they make more than one visit to each school they are looking at.
Thanks for clearing that up for me. Vitold never claimed Diato, just to be clear! That was just the assumption I made because I didn't know any better.

Thank you for everyones help, now I can maybe help clear somethings up. Vitold has always been shrouded I mystery and skepticism because no one has ever been able to verify his claims. Lots of gossip can now be put to rest and maybe this will help both Aikido dojos grow.
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