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Re: The Validity of an Instructor

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Perhaps the people offering advice will be helped by your first AikiWeb post, here:
Thanks, Dan

I wanted to avoid bringing attention to both dojos as I do not have any malice against the instructors and I do not wish to tarnish their reputations. Yes YAMA DOJO is the one that is in question for me mainly because I felt more confused after speaking with the instructor then I had previously. After communicating with some of the other members of the martial arts community things got even more muddled.

Speaking with the Instructor, he asked me what my experience was in regards to martial arts. I expressed I had very little in regards to grappling but had done boxing, karate, and had done a tad bit of aikido. I expressed my concerns for aikido, mainly the ki aspect of aikido (no offence to practitioners of ki aikido) he's answer was that he does not teach nor is he a fan of Aikido. This is where I became confused as he advertises as an aikido school, at least thats what his website led me to believe. He claims to teach Aikijujitsu, okay, so I made a mental note. So I watched the class, I enjoyed what I saw.

I jumped online, did some research on Aikijujitsu as I had no clue what this was at the time and found Diato ryu. Wow, I thought I'd struck gold, I've never tried Diato ryu, but from the videos I saw, I think it's something I would really enjoy. Yet again, I started asking questions on a different forum and found that under all the credentials listed on his webpage he has no Diato ryu experience.... insert more confusion.

So, I run into a few friends who are Bujinkan practitioners and ask if they have met said instructor and what they thought of him. One said that he had heard that he had practice in a Bujinkan dojo in easter Canada for a couple of years and he noticed in his class that some of the techniques are indeed Ninjutsu. The other said that when he spoke to said instructor he had a poor view of Bujinkan and he felt as if he was being spoken down to. Insert more confusion. (His experience in the Buj is not listed on his website)

I feel like he was trying to sell me his art. I have no issues with this however I'd like clarity and transparency. He makes a lot of claims that I can verify or that seem to be contradictory. This is why I had hoped that maybe there was a way of verifying his claims so I can actually get an idea of what is he teaching. His art dose not look bad, I'm interested in checking it out, but I want something solid. I dont want to learn an art thinking its aikido and later go to another dojo and look like a fool because what I had learned was not aikido.
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