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The Validity of an Instructor

I'm not trying to step on anyones toes, insult or offend.

We currently have two instructors where im from, one a 3rd dan who is very clear on his claims and can provide evidence, as well as bring up one of his instructor for a week long seminars Tohsiro Suga. He also sends his students out to the French Federation for grading instead of passing out grades himself.

On the other hand, we have another who claims to be a 6th dan, who after speaking with him is very unclear on what he teaches, a lot of contradicting information, I've heard from others that he hold no official ranks in anything. Is there a way to verify his credentials?

I have nothing against this Instructor, I would like to take his class once I have a decent amount of experience with aikido, there are just a few thing about him that make me feel uneasy.
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