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Re: Seidokan Aikido

Michael Ellefson wrote:
My instructor was a high ranking Seidokan instructor, before he started his own organization. His concern was that the technique was natural and relaxed, but it had to be martially effective.

I think it comes down to this. You will find teachers and people in various Ki Society lineage (Ki Society, Seidokan, Shin Budo Kai, Shugenkai, Ki Federation, PAF, Yuishinkai, etc.) with these same concerns. Understanding this is of course a process.

and then you will find people whose goals, agenda, whatever is not primarilyy concerned with the martial aspects of the art. I have to say I think this holds true in every aikido organization regardless of the organization's agenda.

so you are back to visiting dojos and trying out classes, talking to instructors regardless of organization and seeing if it is a place you want to spend a lot of time.

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