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Re: Seidokan Aikido

From a technical standpoint Seidokan Aikido generally has much smaller movements, we've reduced a lot of the large, classical sweeping circles into much smaller circles, that tend to be a little quicker, and a little easier to transition into another technique if something goes wrong. We place more of an emphasis on teaching, so there tends to be a little more verbal description than is common in the Aikikai.

Sei-, or makoto we typically translate as "absolute sincerity", and we attempt to embody this in our training, keeping things realistic. We believe that the art should continue to develop and evolve, and therefore you will see techniques that more traditional dojo's don't practice, and a lot of the traditional forms have evolved some. We've had to name them, and therefore the body of nomenclature is slightly larger.

We have a set of 22 Aiki taisso that are performed at the beginning of every class.

My sensei mentioned the other day that one of the reasons we changed the name to seidokan from Ki society, was a practice called Aiki Ryoho, or Ki Therapy, which they use for an income source, and we use primarily when sensei has a stiff neck. I haven't trained with Ki society, so I'm not sure of some of the other differences between the two, but I do know they place more of an emphasis on Ki development, for anything more specific about the differences between the two, you'll have to find someone who's trained in Ki Society.
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