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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
I am wondering why this discussion about -aikido- got banished to the new "Non-Aikido" forum. I can understand why the Baseline Skillset thread was plopped here, because it has so much reference to Chinese arts, but it's puzzling how a topic that explores the history and mysteries of the internal part of aikido would be considered "non-aikido."
It's pretty simple, when the bulk of the discussion revolves around description and terminology which are not standard to Aikido it belongs here. It could be about internal energy or it could be about using kali flow drills to improve ones Aikido technique.

The problem with the forum of late is that folks with a high degree of expertise in what I would consider to be related arts have been able to dominate the discussion because their training methods and terminology are different from what Aikido folks are used to.

So there has been a problem with Aikido folks feeling like they are being pushed out of their own site by folks who do not actually do Aikido. The most experienced Aikido folks agree that these discussions have a lot of merit and follow them closely but they may or may not seem relevant to the majority of folks out there doing the art. So the best solution was to give such discussions a separate space where the non-Aikido folks can post their very valuable contributions without the Aikido folks feeling like their site has been taken over.

The Aikido folks can tune in or not as they see fit. They can even filter the topic out if they so desire. It just gives people more control over their viewing.

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