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Re: Chen Style Seminar Video

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Thanks for posting this video. Both it and the comments following it are interesting.

I have a question related to a movement described in the video.

Early on Mr. Calandra states that "the rule is that the knees never move side-to-side" and he moves back and forth to demonstrate what he means. He then asks the audience to pay attention to his right knee and points out that "it stays on this line" and "it only goes down". He points out that as his right knee goes down his left knee comes up. After a few moments he goes on to his left knee going down and his right coming up. He goes on to say a bit more about things not moving and turning, turning, turning.

I can't tell if it's camera angle, a conceptual misunderstanding on my part, or a misunderstanding of what I think I see but it looks to me as though his knees are moving laterally - which is what I would call side-to-side.

I realize I may be casting a line and missing the boat in even noting this detail but I am hoping someone may explain how it should be in greater detail or why it is what it should be.
Yeah, I noticed that, too. I wish I would have known about this seminar before it happened. I would have gone. There were a few things in the vid that I would like to have talked to him about. I called the host dojo but they don't teach Chen style there. Mr. Calandra was just there for a seminar. Maybe I'll catch him the next time around.

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