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Smile Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

Daren Sims wrote: View Post you end up with words that give...posture relative to uke, nature of attack and the technique to be deployed. ... seems fairly common in the Aikikai plus derivatives world.
Hi Daren. Thanks. That way does make things easy to work out.

My immediate challenge (as a lowly 6th kyu) was to work out how they are used at our dojo. Now I've finally got that idea down, plus (thanks to everyone here, and Sensei) a broader view on several terms used elsewhere. So now at least I won't be confused when someone says "katate-dori" and does what I know as "gyakute dori."

Interesting stuff... Language in general is fascinating. A couple of my favorite classes in college were Latin & Greek Word Derivations, and American Dialectology. The variety of words and pronunciations for a single activity or doodad / geegaw / whatsit is mind-boggling. I hadn't figured on getting into those questions around Aikido techniques, but hey, why not?


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