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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

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Excellent. I missed this post first time around! This is pretty much what I was talking about.
Good to know. We'll have to compare next time we're on the same mat.

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Here are my thoughts on a comparison:
- I don't worry about bringing it/recieving it further than my hip joint becuase I assume that my spine intentions will handle that as long as I recieve it to my hip.
- I felt it store up just like you are saying.
- I decided to hit the cross pose and followed that intention with my arms and whammo. How far they go back depends only on how good their stance was. If they have no structure at all, I may get 30 feet out of them although that would be assisted by them (sometimes you can get someone running backwards - tiedering on the edge of balance - trying to get their legs back under their upper body which is flying away).
Hmmm ... will have to work on this some more.

I work mainly with two people who are also working on this internal stuff with me. So, if I get a step or two out of them, I'm happy. I haven't had a chance to try it on someone "normal". Besides, the two I work with outweigh me by 60-80 pounds. Erk.

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