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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

Sometimes I do ikkyo in freewaza and the uke pulls away. I usually bring that back into a natural nikkyo. Sometimes after an ikkyo, the uke pushes in to block a bit which turns into a natural sankyo.

I watched the video. It is a nice reversal. But, being able to reverse "that nikkyo" is nothing special in general. Anyone could block that after 6 months of training. If someone tried pushing into me, I can generally just accept it into my opposite hip joint, and throw them backwards 5-10 feet at will by straightening my intentions left and right and let my arms follow (like a big plus sign).

I would say in short, if uke pushes into you (or you can suker them into pushing into you) your nikkyo has a much better chance than if nage tries pushing into uke. Pushing down on uke's upper chest area is pretty much always a bad idea.

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