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Re: Changes: Into the second decade

Hi everybody,

I'm touched this should come up again. I occasionally thought about writing a comment about what happened later on, but never did.

A couple of years after posting the original comment, after a mostly inituitive search process, I actually found an aikido teacher who has since far exceeded my expectations both on the spiritual and on the technical side. He is even comparatively near to where I live, and I have been able to work with him quite closely. It has been truly amazing. I have also met another budo teacher, outside of aikido, who is extremely impressive on the martial side and with whom I can work occasionally.

Nominally, I still train in my old organisation, and while I am grateful for the good times had, I have not been able to reconcile myself with their very hierarchical ways. However, the move away has been slow and steady, without any dramatic scenes or goodbyes, no bridges burnt, and I am glad it went that way.

So I am still on the aikido path, and I very much appreciate people's advice and concern - especially the comments when I first posted were important at the time.


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