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Re: Weight Loss with Aikido Training

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
Tony your above quote and Kieth's post about milk reminded me about the 1950's weight lifter Paul Anderson.

"In an excellent chapter on Paul's training and diet, Randy Strossen writes that Anderson recognized early on that "the legs and back were the key to one's strength." As mentioned above, his early training was devoted mainly to the squat. "Paul combined short, intense workouts throughout the day, with periods of rest," Strossen writes. For example, he would do 10 reps in the squat with 600, rest for about 30 minutes, and then do a second set of 10. After another 30 minutes rest, he would increase the weight to 825 and do three reps, rest again and do two more reps with 845. Then he would rest again and conclude by doing half squats with 1200 for 2 or 3 reps and quarter squats with 1800. The whole routine took three hours or more. He would sip milk during the rest periods, consuming a gallon or more throughout the course of the day."

"He eventually squatted 1160 before reputable witnesses at Muscle Beach and again on The Ed Sullivan Show before a national television audience."

The weights are in pounds.

Dave the Endomorph
Tiny the gorilla endomorph (according to my daughter) I eat bananas to ooo ooo

I just do 100 squats per day, just slowly rather than quick, sometimes I'll do 50 slow then 50 fast, but most days slow.... all the way down and all the way up Isometric/Isotonic, 30 sec rest then isometric sit against a wall till failure.....
Press ups in sets of 20 to 30 done slowly up to 100 with 15 - 20 sec (Henry Sensei's type on the back of the wrists) rest in between sets. Trunk ab curls in sets of 20 holding at the apex for 5 secs, last one for ten x two sets.... sometimes I'll miss a day and do suburi outside, usually around a 1000....
Isometrics one can do anywhere and will give one a boost if feeling lethargic....
Somedays I'll do a fast 2 mile walk... I hate running....
Keeps the mucles guessing
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