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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Adam Bauder wrote: View Post
Here's what I've got on my scorecard:

1.) Ki/kokyu = Internal skill/strength/conditioning

2.) Aiki = Interaction with another while using #1.

2a.) Aiki = term used in place of definition #1, or as a sub-set of #2 in referring to "aiki" within oneself.

2b.) Aiki = Strategy of an encounter, not dependent on #1. Although it would be helpful to have a full toolbox.

Sorry for the numbered list thing. Budd got me started.

I really liked this!


From what I read, it sounds to me, like you are suggesting that "Aiki", as you call it, is some form of energy that emanates from your (nage's) mind, and goes into your attackers body, and does something (drains energy, disrupts balance, bad stuff). Is this correct?

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