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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Hi Kevin - well and not even looking at it "scientifically" per se . . but you indicated that you could tell when people were using aiki in your previous post, so I'm curious - after getting hands on the various people . . and then the prior teachers that had glimpses of aiki . . is aiki . . as you say - the delivery of force - or the reduction of bleeding out energy/power?

Is it efficiency of movement - that reduces the bleed of energy/power? Is that the "harmony" of aiki? If so . . how is it trained to a level that is usable? I postulated above that it requires a massive and dedicated undertaking dedicated to just that . . independent of thoughts of application or martial art necessarily . . because . . you have to build up the abilities before you understand how you can apply it . .does that makes sense? (beyond moving efficiently and being able to withstand/return/deliver a lot of power)

Because what tends to happen is that people train towards the feats and application - BEFORE - building up the requisite conditioning of the body to move and behave appropriately. Then a complete martial art integrates that behavior into a delivery system that best exploits it.

My opinion - FWIW
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