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Re: Another harassment question

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
Mary Eastland wrote:
You wrote:

"My sensei IS a good guy. He's not a bully in my opinion at all. He's jut one of those guys who at inappropiately around women and doesn't realize what he's sayng is too much/too far. Some guys just turn into different people near women, we all work with guys like that."

This makes it ok????

What would make a guy a bad guy in your opinion? That behavior is not okay...
I think training in another art with a good instructor would be so much healthier for you.
When a dojo isn't safe for women... it's not safe for the men that are training there either...That behavior and those attitudes perpetuate the myths that women are objects and violence against women is okay because it is just "good old boy behavior". Mary


I am sorry let me restate what I said and say it isn't a personal attack.

Tom28 says his sensei is just unappropriate (in his opinion), yet he titled the thread as harassment. Mary's argument here is twisting the issue into something way off-base that the sensei is a dangerous and unhealthy man and dojo.

Mary is wrongly condemning a man and perpetuating not only a myth, but a dangerous assumptions and a public view that is based on her feminist agenda. She is also being hypocritical as she is de-humanizing the sensei, on little more then out of text quotes on in the anonymous post. Her post is on the verge of calling for a witch hunt. This is a point of view, I disagree with respectfully.

Now several pages of posts later we find out that this whole thing is an affair of the heart, and like swiss cheese it has a lot of holes in it. It has nothing to do with the sexually objectifying of a women in a class.

We don't know the woman or Tom28, or the dojo or the sensei. Should there be an assumption of victimization? We could be manipulated by both Tom28 and the women who posted, saying she is the women Tom28 is talking about. I don't know, it is just an example of how much isn't known.

I think you and Mary should re-evaluate your views about another person you have never meet, or trained at his dojo. Your views about this sensei and this women are wrong and very dangerous, IMO.

If you take this personally, I apologize. I didn't write this to attack you or Mary personally. Despite Mary's personal attack on another sensei.
Phil -

The disconnect between what Mary posted and what you read is glaringly obvious in light of your last post. All throughout this thread Mary and I have been commenting on the inappropriateness of a person's behavior not condemming the person as "sexist male chauvinist pig" (which, by the way, are your words). You have taken every opportunity to distort what Mary posted and color it with your own agenda.

I'm bowing out of this thread now, the merry-go-round has run its course, stay on for another round though; I'll cede you the brass ring.