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Weight Loss with Aikido Training

Now that I've completed my beginner class, I am wondering if anyone has ever successfully lost weight with Aikido training?

I am currently carrying about 40-50 extra pounds from a pregnancy. Belech! I'm also nursing still, and for some reason my body is resistant to weight loss while nursing (this is my second child, so I've seen this pattern before.)

I have not lost any weight so far in the 8 week beginner class.Well, like 1 or 2 pounds maybe, but hardly discernable. Disappointing, considering my diet remained unchanged and I increased my activity level with Aikido 3 hours a week. I do however notice that now that I am in the all-levels class (which I've only gone to twoce now), that I am building up a sweat and such. Just curious if this bodes well for finally seeing some weight loss! Maybe it just won't kick in until my baby weans - either that or I need to take up running or something too.

Oh I should say for any lurkers.. even with the extra weight I've found Aikido to be one of the more enjoyable and facilitating physical activities I've tried. For those who read my Ukemi post.. I can now keep pace with the open class doing rolls down the mat from a standing position without any discomfort. (Pace, mind you, not quality!) I recommend it for anyone looking for an activity for those with some extra weight who feel intimidated at gyms! Lots of fun and the focus is on loftier things than how you look in a halter top.
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