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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
If we share our thoughts and experiences we could be able to reach an understanding between ourselves. That still leaves room for each of us to have our own version of the understanding.
The understandings I am not so concerned about. It is the misunderstandings that cause far more trouble. Finding a clear line eliminates (at least) one source of that misundertstanding. Of course, then the line always changes again, I realize that.

But the same process of doing this over and over is present in working the aiki mind as well as the aiki body. We cannot gain musubi unless we know where the attack truly lies. Mushy aikido is as bad as mushy thinking. One way to define the line is simply to do it, on an honest basis, thereby inviting (thank you, Fred) the very attack we contemplate and then deal with it, or define a different line.

Chris Guzik wrote: View Post
Well, if we take the argument that content and context are inextricably linked to its logical conclusion ...
If we take any argument to its "logical conclusion" we end up in an all out war with other truths that are not rational, nor can they be arrived at rationally. Some contradictions cannot be resolved -- mostly, the important ones. Logic is sharp weapon -- use carefully. Scalpels unavoidably wound what they hope to heal.

That was part of the point I take from O Sensei's placing the two ways of addressing the principles involved in conjunction. They are not incompatibel and neiterh one is complete. And noone has shown he didn't - so that's the line of attack until somebody makes it different. (Hold on Fred, I'll get to you in a minute.)


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