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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Reading your posts, I usually have one over-riding area of concern. When you talk about Ueshiba, or quote him, you translate/define/whatever his writings in a very definitive way as if you know 100% what they mean.
To clarify. I read what reliable translators have given as his meaning in English. I have some small amount of training in construing what words in English actually mean, and I trust reliable translators (whom I have no reason to doubt) to render the original into serviceable English. Those who have questioned my use of the translations have attacked the adequacy of the translations themselves (not, to my way of thinking, with any degree of persuasiveness on the essential points). However, I defend generally reliable translations and their ordinary meaning in English, with the thought that the words actually mean what they say.
Mark Murray wrote: View Post
"he had no doubts" and "he firmly believed".
Lack of doubt and firmness of belief on the points I mentioned about the consistency of his understanding of Water-Fire priniciples with the results of eventual scientific inquiry into the action he represented in that fashion is shown, in an immediate sense by his linking the two statements -- without any qualifications. Moreover, I have never seen in any other recorded statements or writings, any other expression of his doubt about the usefulness of scientific (or any other) inquiry into the principles and training of aikido. If he had doubts about his own statement, I presume he would have expressed them in conjunction. And in the context of the entirety of his dicussion of kokyu and technique in Budo Renshu, he certainly expressed none.


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