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Re: AikiWeb Workshop 2009: March 20-22, 2009 in Seattle WA


First I'd like to thank Jun Akiyama for the honor of being asked to participate in this event. I have yet to meet Howard Popkin but I've known Okamoto Sensei for over a decade so it will be fun to connect with another person from the Roppokai. And then there's George Ledyard who I always enjoy spending time with. I've taught at George's dojo in the past and always enjoy his open minded passion for all things budo.

One thing I'd like to offer up. If there is anything anyone attending is specifically interested in concerning TSYR, please don't hesitate to let me know about it. This being a unique venue, I'm interested in knowing what participants would like to see or experience. The sotoden or teachings I'm allowed to demonstrate publicly, are actually quite comprehensive when compared to those in most koryu, so please feel free to make requests. If you ask for something off the list, I'll just say so but frankly the chances of that are pretty remote. I have easily worked around such restrictions for years given the depth and diversity of our curriculum.

I think this promises to be a great opportunity to get hands on experience with differing but related perspectives of budo. With differing eyes and styles to access, the participants will get a unique opportunity to observe and feel those things we all share and those things that make each of our pursuits unique. Opportunities like this are rare so I encourage people to attend this workshop. Besides, If my suspicions are correct there will lots of laughing and smiles along the way. You don't think I do this stuff just so I can play with sharp pointy things do you? I'm in this for the laughs and camaraderie of it all.....

Oh...And lets no forget the beer.

Toby Threadgill / TSYR

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