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Johan Tibell
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Originally posted by Jonathan
As just part of the stretching warm-up we do about 80 falls. On alternate days we do what we call a rolling warm-up where the number of falls swells to about 120-140. Of this number about a third of the falls are of the high breakfall kind. During the remainder of class these numbers, for most students, typically come close to tripling.

We have a couple of fellows in their mid-fifties who participate almost entirely in these warm-ups. They appreciate the aerobic nature of this kind of warming-up process, as do all the students.

At local seminars you can certainly tell just from ukemi whose students are from which dojo. There's no hiding a lack of falling practice.

Its my view that poor falling skills limits the quality and intensity of practice. Why, then, would you skimp on ukemi?
Agreed, as do poor throws...


Johan Tibell
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