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Basia Halliop
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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

Except that they're getting neither a bachelor NOR a PhD (each of which are internationally recognized and are required for admission to certain professions or further educational programs)... They're getting the right to wear blue pants. It doesn't actually mean anything in terms of consequences, so what does it matter one way or the other? I go along with one grading system because it's the one the teacher I want to train with happens to use - if he picked another grading system or joined a different organisation, I would shrug and go along with that one.

I haven't trained in enough different organisations to know if your comment (Dan's) about relative quality of shodans is true, but assuming it is, are you suggesting it's _because of_ the long time between tests? That it, I don't know, makes students or teachers less motivated or something?
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