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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

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Thank you! That's exactly the point I was trying to make. If the internet is all Aikido has going for (or against it)...then we're in trouble! I'm in my mid-30's. But I'm talking about an entire generation whose primary interaction with the larger world is via the internet.
You make an interesting point. I'm not sure if the internet is their "primary interacion" with the world but it plays a much more significant role, in our generation as well as theirs. Largely, we still don't understand the social ramifications of communication via the internet. It does expand our audience for certain. I find it overwhelming unless I filter a large part of it out. I haven't been a forumite for all that long. It is certainly a somewhat strange way of communicating with other human beings, and a way that has only recently been available. My jury is still out as to whether it is a good way to communicate. I am still somewhat fascinated by it though, otherwise you wouldn't hear from me at all. I am 'permantly' banned from my town's newspaper forum. Of course, they believe they are justified, and I believe they are not. A simple matter of opinion. The whole experience was fascinating however. It became something of a social experiment for me.
I do doubt the soundness of relying on the internet to judge aikido. I appreciate the dojo and seminar information available through the internet though, so I guess it's really a two-edged sword.
Training with someone is completely different than communicating with them on a forum. It is a much more effective means of transmitting and receiving ideas/concepts/movements and everything else.
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