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Re: Measuring success

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Mary, if you're doing "well" then you are tapping into spirit. That's what "well" means. Statistically? Who's statics? Who's the authority? Who convinced you that you don't have a choice?

If you "have" arthritis, then you can also not have it. It's like anything else. Do you want to carry all the luggage, or put it down? You do have a choice. Many people you might call "healthy" have not always been healthy. But at some point they did make a choice - to be well. That is "being." And if you're actions spring from wellbeing, wellness is the result.
Well, that's your opinion, but you know what they say about opinions. It's also true that while you can have your own opinion, you don't get to have your own facts. Your opinion is contrary to the facts. I wish you all joy of least as long as the inconvenient facts don't get up in your face. Who knows, they may never do so. And they may do so tomorrow.

As things stand right now, though, you don't really understand what I'm talking about. You're using some of the same words, sure, but they have different meanings for you. Simple words like "try" have different meaning for someone who experiences an occasional ache and pain, and someone who goes to bed at night not knowing if they'll be able to walk in the morning, or pick up a pencil, or stand upright. They can't help but be different. That's why for me, my enduring measure of success is that I keep training. It's a very personal measure, but then, aren't they all? And isn't that what Mary E was getting at in creating this thread?
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