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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

The title of this thread could stand to be changed to something a little less antagonistic. It's slightly inflammatory and I think people feel compelled to come on this thread just to defend Aikido, based solely off the vibe the title of this thread gives off. I agree that violence is ugly and unpredictable and fighting is stupid. But if a fight or violence of any sort finds you, then you may have to act. Will/does Aikido prepare you to adequately defend yourself in the case of a random attack? It may better help you to avoid conflicts, rather than give you a decisive tactical edge once combat begins. Aikido moves can be effective but difficult to rely upon in the heat of battle. However, you may never need to use them as most people don't fight or go into battle. So in that sense it's a moot issue, although it's still worthy of discussion imo, especially for those with a genuine interest/concern in the martial aspects of this art.
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