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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

Brian Scott wrote: View Post
Is this a joke?

All training aside, you would either prevail or not.

If you don't have that understanding, then whatever martial art you have been training no matter how th3 d34dly you think it is, is worthless.

Fantasy "pressure testing" and a few rounds of sparring and rolling with other amateures does not make anyone ready to "stand up to" that.

Living in a mental world of fear and aggression, and training based of that world view is just as much fantasy role playing as anything else.
One doesn't have to make pressure testing "fantasy"....
Had that person had some training of sorts maybe he would have coped with it better..... My former/younger students have come back to me on occasion after being assaulted on a night out with friends and told me if it had not been for the "pressure testing" they would have failed miserably.....