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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

I think these need repeating:

It matters little how many techniques one knows, favourites or otherwise, how many have the bottle to put them into action ?
That is the gravey test.

Henry Ellis
I have found that what Henry says above to be the acid test that separates the talkers from the doers most times. I think good Aikido training should give one the internal mettle to apply direct action if and when necessary if other options fail.

The problem though, is if training is approached in the manner that Jon refers to below, what we have is a dangerous combination of delusion regarding actual ability and total lack of preparedness or will to execute when confronted with a situation that cannot be evaded.

The problem is many of these hobbyists fancy themselves as doing more than exercise. Yoga, pilates and other exercise programs do not appeal to these individuals because those programs do not promote the fantasy of being a fighter. So we are left with a group of individuals who practice in a manner scarcely considered "martial" clinging to a namesake that includes "martial" in its title.

Jon Reading
I have found that the group Jon speaks about in the above quote are often the most vocal to tell someone what is and is not "Aikido" because they are very quick to attack what does not fit into their comfortable little fantasy paradigm.

Just an observation I wanted to make. I have no issue with folks who train to get exercise, and some exposure to Japanese culture or whatever, but be real with yourself. For those who talk about "spirituality" and promoting peace, I submit that these elements are also important elements of sound martial training.

Just a thought.


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