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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

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This Youtube clip requires verification of age 18 + to view.

Takemusu this. The victim is in a jail holding cell after being arrested for driving with a suspended license. The assailant lands 62 punches over the course of 19 minutes before police/guards intervene.

There is limited room to maneuver, and the victim can't run away or otherwise escape; the assailant, a known gang member later found to be clinically insane, is substantially bigger, stronger, and more aggressive to the point of predation; another man in the holding cell may or may not have been an ally of the assailant, but in any event did not intervene.

"Reality" is a very big word. Aikido, like any martial art, may face a wide range of self-defense situations.

This incident happened in 2004. A newspaper article can be found here:
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