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Jeff Stallard
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First High Breakfall!! Woohoo!!

Sensei was showing a technique similar to shihonage, except the grip is a little different and you're not throwing down the back, but out beside their shoulder. After we paired up, I had the pleasure of working with sensei. After a few times without the throw, I asked if he thought I could handle the breakfall (I'm only 6th kyu). He said he wouldn't throw it if he didn't think I could take it. Well that was good enough for me, so he took it slow and let me get ready to fall, then WHAM...I'm on the mat. Well not quite. First I fell for what felt like 10 minutes. I was amazed how painless and uneventful a fall from that height was. It was a lot less traumatic than the standard back fall that you learn from day 1. Just to make sure it wasn't a quirk, I asked if I could try it again, and it felt the same. It's an amazing feeling to be able to be flip end over end and land without any discomfort at all.

Please forgive my rambling; this is just a big new step for me, and the giddiness hasn't worn off.

"If I told you, you would not know; you simply would have been told. Study it thoroughly and I will ask you. You will answer and then you will know."
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