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Re: My thoughts on Dan Hardens Seminar in Kona

Aikido Sydney - Steve Seymour, Bertrand Douillard and Michael Dreyer came up from Australia for Dan Harden's November workshops. Here's their after workshop review:

Review of Dan Harden's seminar in Hawaii

36 yrs of aikido and it still didn’t make complete sense as to what Osensei was actually manifesting. Met some great practitioners but still nothing that transcended the physical, “magic” per se. Couldn’t find it anywhere on my sojourns and unable to produce it myself. The realization that most teaching in Budo is lacking the essential ingredients displayed by true masters, and what is read about, was motivation to attend 2 of Dan Harden’s Internal Power seminars in Hawaii. It was a cathartic experience. Suddenly it made some sense and I could experience the unstoppable power for myself. I had met a remarkable man! Dan Harden has mastered internal power through training, hard work and study. He has a fighting spirit blended with determination and talent, incredible discipline and an inquisitive mind that is unravelling the mysteries and mumbo jumbo that has shrouded Budo for centuries. It has been kept hidden in the past due to the need to never give adversaries an advantage. He isn’t the first to unravel the essential common denominator of ALL budo. After all, Morihei Ueshiba gave us aikido on these very principles. Where Dan is unique in our modern day western world is that he offers his ability, understanding and practices, openly, for the purpose of reinvigorating Budo. Dan teaches how to activate an internal system inherent in us all. You couldn’t say he does it for the money because what he charges is a pittance for what you get. He gives freely both in his teaching and of himself, but he doesn’t tolerate fools lightly. He pushes your buttons and admonishes weakness. This training isn’t for all, that is for sure.
Dan isn’t just words, he can prove it, and does so in every seminar and challenge, a truly stunning experience. He is constantly pulling back on his power so as to not injure those he engages with, and I speak from experience. Dan’s teaching consists of demonstration/application and theoretical/philosophical explanation. His explanations are clear and concise. The detailed exercises given for the acquisition of power are logical. The only thing he cannot give is the discipline and hard work required by each individual to enliven it within. Dan bares his heart through his seminars which is rare indeed for any martial artist. Ability is where Dan Harden stands tall amongst the martial artists of the world. He is exposing the essential component of Budo.
There are many who criticize Dan Harden in various forums. Inexplicable and unjustifiable after my experience. Maybe the reason is jealousy, the need to make a noise to cover up their own deficiencies. Many practitioners prefer the world of collusion and mutual deceit. Many are happy with what they do and don’t want the truth but prefer their own imaginary world. To step outside of our comfort zones and shatter our delusions is difficult and humbling. Not easy when we believe our own ego-centric projections. I just hope Dan keeps teaching sincere seekers and clearing the dross from people’s eyes. Those whose eyes are turned towards themselves are rewarded with their own company. Dan Harden’s seminar was excellent, and I’m sincerely grateful for the chance to meet him and receive his encouragement and teaching. I look forward to the next installment, if I’m deserving of it. Now for work!


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