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Re: Aikido dojo in Hong Kong

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@Rosie Slater:

Yes, I am still interested in training! However, currently I am on an exchange program at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. I'll be back in Hong Kong by February.

How long and where will you be teaching in Hong Kong?

Thanks for all the suggestions, everybody! I'm thinking of trying out Aikikai here at the Central Illinois Aikikai dojo, and see if my body can handle the difference in style.
I will be here when you get back I will be here for a while, in fact.
You can contact me at any time on
Aikikai - they do everything differently to what I learned. Even which leg to do a breakfall on! I figured my best bet was to find people to practice Yoshinkan with, and train them up!
Look forward to hearing from you next year.
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