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Re: Aikido dojo in Hong Kong

Christian Mikkelson wrote: View Post
Hi, Rosie. I think you contacted Mugenjuku at one point to ask about teaching there. Sorry it didn't work out for you to be sewanin on our course. We just finished the Dai Ichi exam with satisfactory, if less than satisfying results...

I am a little disappointed to hear you are opening a dojo in Hong Kong. I didn't start the Kenshusei Course in Kyoto with the intention of becoming an instructor, but I have been thinking that if it allowed me to live somewhere I couldn't otherwise (such as Ulaanbaatar or... Hong Kong!!), teaching might be worth it.
Hi Chris, really sorry but I only just saw this! Why are you disappointed that I am teaching in Hk? Yes, Mugenjuku was difficult logistically but I was lucky with Ando Sensei. It was a tough gig though. I actually came down to Kyoto for a dojo visit in July. Too bad I missed you!
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