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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

There are some issues of concern when becoming "independent". As an example, I have seen organizations claim "aikikai style" when their closest relationship to the aikikai was one of the lineage instructors had been under Koichi Tohei-3 levels removed. How can one maintain a connection to the aikikai style, if there is such a thing, when you never train actively under the aikikai for 30 years? I originally trained concurrently under an aikikai and an "independent" organization. The independent group was considerably removed from the aikikai both in terminology and style, yet members still claim aikikai style. Is this intellectual dishonesty or do they really believe that is what they are teaching? Or, is it because it is popular to make that connection to the aikikai?

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against independent organizations. As long as the "independent" makes it clear where their lineage lies and maintain intellectual honesty in their claims. IMHO It will be the student's responsibility to determine if the quality of aikido suffers without connection to a formal organization with higher level instructors.

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