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Re: Do We Need To Invent A New Training? Yes/No/Maybe/How?

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
I think so too.
That was the "flaw" with Ueshiba - that's why aikido ended up forfeiting martiality in so many cases - Ueshiba, unwillingly, disseminated this "virus". You don't lose WW2 and stay the same ever again.
First he lost his samurai world and his sword - then he lost WW2. He is a man who has seen his whole world vanish - twice.
Hi Alberto -

Interesting observation. What I find difficult to understand is why you and others are looking to shoehorn Aikido into a form that it clearly wasn't designed to fit. If fighting proficiency is your primary objective there are better arts and training systems available for achieving that goal.

Personally, I consider Ueshiba's "virus" to be more a "gift" to a world that is awash in violence and ways to inflict violence. One man started with a vision of using his art to make the world a more peaceful place to live. Today that vision endures and continues to slowly spread via the transmission of his art from generation to generation.



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