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Christopher Li (Chris Li) wrote:
OTOH, I know of at least one world-famous well respected student of M. Ueshiba who married one of his students, and they seem to do OK. One of the dojo that I train at is run by a husband-wife team - she was originally one of his students, and they do just fine. All in all, it can be a difficult situation, but they're all consenting adults, so I see no reason to catigate them catigorically.


Well, just because you picked 2 successful cases doesn't mean that this practice is alright. I am sure there are other similar cases with happy endings, but more often than not, it ends up badly, and some teachers actually abuse their positions. Anyhow, it is not acceptable in any culture that I know of, whether eastern or western, for teachers to date their students, and this applies to aikido.
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