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Thanks everyone for the support, I have had to keep this in and family/friends have been absolutely no help! I have been practicing there for 3 months. It is possible that he has feelings for me as well, but again would he say anything? I doubt it as he knows the risks involved as well.

I will heed everyone's advice that makes sense to me right now which is to be patient. It's weird because when I am at the dojo and he is teaching I am very well focused, it's when I am not there that I get the tight stomach and longing thoughts. I will try to stay distracted so that I can at least breathe again (sorry for sounding so dramatic, this has been one very weird experience) I think that what makes it difficult is knowing that it is very possible for a wonderful relationship to come out of this. So I guess now it is a question of how do you deal with someone you love that you can't have, and I am sure that is a much more common problem even outside of the dojo. But I do hear what you are saying Genex, if this could be something great, should I really not take the risk. I think I need a new hobby...

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