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Darin Hyde (darin) wrote:
Your welcome When my teacher was young he was invited by Mochizuki to go training with him and Tomiki.
Way cool - so envious of the old guys.
Yoseikan aikido has a sword kata. Its called kentai ichi no kata ̈'v̌`. The kata is done with a partner. The movements start with sword against sword then empty hand against empty hand. I don't think its aiki-ken. Seems to be derived from kenjutsu. I wonder is aiki-ken a new art?
There are better people on this board to give the origins of aiki-ken. Hope they chime in. I have to quickly add that the sword kata (sword vs sword, sword vs hand) are designed to give only a quick introduction. You want more - you are expected to go out and seek a teacher specifically for that. I know that is what my teacher did - he was sent by Tomiki to study Aikido with Kobyashi H. who arranged for sword instruction from another master. I am busy preparing for a dan test and opening up a dojo - I need to get both those settled before I start looking for sword instruction. Had some before but so little I really don't even know what to look for.

By the way where in Japan are you.

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