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Good luck with that Larry - I think Peter is right in that the Tomiki system of naming seems more obvious. Most of the clubs I've been to in trad-aiki name things differently e.g. kokyu-nage or sokumen irimi-nage, kokyu-nage or sumi-otoshi or zenponage etc I was also reading some aiki-jitsu stuff and their gokyo was very different to what I would call gokyo.


P.S. I've developed a list of the main 8 techniques which I think cover the main movements - and thus can be intergrated in a manner allowing complete responsiveness to uke (including counters techniques etc). In my mind, if these are learnt well the aikidoka would be suited for a large variety of self-defence situations and could do randori (our version of it!) effectively and fluidly. Any comments would be welcome.

1. ikkyo

2. irimi-nage

3. shiho-nage

4. tenchi-nage

5. kaiten-nage

6. kokyu-nage (i.e. sokumen irimi-nage, towards the head)

7. kote-gaeshi

8. sumi-otoshi (kokyu-nage, to the inside of the attacking elbow)


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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