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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Hi Chris, from researching into the lives of Ueshiba, Horikawa, and Sagawa, albeit not in great depth, all students of Takeda, no-one is calling internal power aiki, aiki is the resultant action created by a body operating with yin/yang and fuelled by duel spirals, as quoted by the Chen Fake lineage as well. Internal power is the main fuelling behind aiki, to create the conditions necessary etc. IMO - Transparent Power by Sagawa provides quite interesting quotes

I'm confused...easily, I know , but I thought aiki was being called a kind of IP too. Aren't bodies using yin/yang/dual spirals in fact using IP? Isn't one of the major points being made by the proponants of internals that aiki is not an external thing?

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