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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

In Germany I have a "arch rival" in GI submission fighter. A 45 Year Old 5 Dan, former Olympian Judoka.

I have a wonderful video that I should post of our first encounter a few years back when we matched up as white belts. Me with a couple of months of BJJ and my years of Aikido training, him with no BJJ and all his years of Judo.

Needless to say, he basically "ipponed" me to the ground, dominated me for the whole match...but had no clue how to submit me, so I laid there, countered, and tried to escape. Eventually I did, slipping out the back door into the rear mount for rear naked choke.

Out next match a year later, I walked up, shook hands, got the Shite, then went straight for my knees to fight him. He asked what I was doing...I said, well you ain't gonna get the takedown this time!

When then proceeded to fight and have fun....I forget who won that one now!

Anyway, my point is...He'd cream me in Judo rules, yet we are equals when it come to BJJ and submission fighitng.

BJJ and judo while related, are different enough to make a huge difference in strategy and approach.

Most BJJ guys I know are getting with strong Judo guys these days to learn how to improve takedowns...same with greco roman guys.

As guys get better at BJJ, you have to develop an edge. I see takedowns becoming more and more important in determining the outcome of the fight as more and more people get better and nullifying the positional advantage on the ground.

Watch the UFC over the see the migration in what is working follow the same patern.

My MMA instructor in Germany, crazy as it sounds believes it is only a matter of time before Yoga will enter into the equation taking things almost full circle as have core strength, control, and flexibility, as being the leading reason for someone having an edge.

Discussions with Mike Sigman and Rob also seem to gravitate to what they call internal skills as also giving an edge to things in MMA in the future.

It is a wonderful time to see Martial arts developing and mature! A far cry from where we were 20 years ago!

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