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Re: Full Resistance

Keith Larman wrote:

Actually the Spear system stuff by Blauer is of great interest to me. A LEO friend of mine turned me on to them a while back. I really like the video you can find on youtube where he talks about the flinch response. In our style we have an exercise called shomenuchi ikkyo undo (don't know how many groups do this movement). My sensei have always been adamant that we train constantly to get the hands up immediately at the sign of anything incoming. I've been taught that it needs to be a basic reflex much like these guys teach it as a basic "flinch" response.
I think Blauer is dead on. I have not been formally trained by Blauer Co, but have used his equipment and methodology. I use his startle/flinch concept as the basis for what I teach. Actually I find it works very well incoroporated in aikido waza. Essentially a good kamae and hamni posture.

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