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Re: HoW many hours should I practice daily?

Peter Rehse wrote:
I'm a big fan of what I call ghosting a technique but the frame of reference is always practice with real live kicking people.

I practice on my own quite a bit but what the original poster was asking seemed to be more along the lines of exclusively by himself. I don't know anything about the poster but I will say that no matter how many videos he watches are books he reads he will not do Aikido until he gets on a mat.
Yup, only with real people can you do real aikido. There are two types of aikido when you deal with people...

1) Dealing with fellow aikidoka. This is where proper impartation of aikido knowledge follows. You learn syallabatic aikido as in textbook style aikido.

2) Dealing with non-aikido practitioner. This is where improvisation, creativity and thinking outside the box mentality is most useful. Even a normal physique women can and will resist standard aikido techniques.

More on point no. 2:
I find that when I play/kid around with my household people who doesn't do aikido, it is a challenge bšoz when in dojo, we are program to move in a fixed manner as per syllabus. E.g, tori and uke's mind are somehow communicated. When doing aikido with non-practitioner who are not adversary... Do standard technique and they will resist because their body just do not know what to do. Too hard and you are muscling the technique which is not very aiki.

Therefore it is always a challenge to do it just right. This is when your intimate knowledge of priniples and feelings comes in handy; NOT technique memorization .

NB: From personal experience... Using standard technique, non-practitioner escape the technique (laughs at silliness of aikido tech). Second time with improvisation... same recipient will stay away from me for a long time. Sigh. Can't have best of everything.


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