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Re: A question of style

Jan is very competent about using aikidō for self defence. And Vanadis dōjō provides people to really work on that. Also there are people who teach Daitō ryū and Jujutsu to practice with.

Jan does not teach aikidō as a means of self defence.

The question "wich style, i.e. iwama ryū or aikikai ..." doesn't make any sense to me.
It's about the experience of the teacher, about what and how he decides to teach.

But ...
... most of all it is about my/our perception of life. And about developping our personality.
At least that is my experience. And I think there is a whole lot to learn about these two aspects in the specific aikikai dōjō in your town, you ar talking about.
But I think, you might not find there, what you are looking for.
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