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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Sure, Ueshiba used a non-unique training paradigm to achieve the power that seems to be expressed in photos, footage, and contemporaneous accounts. It certainly seems logical that you can find that training paradigm in other arts. So that's what you did, right? What you offer is training based on these other arts.

This is definitely progress, I think we are getting there.

Not sure why you have to trot the old man's bones out and beat them to death constantly, if what he was doing can be found in these other places, though.
Well, Cliff that logic misses both the forest and the trees.
Since you now agree these training terms and concepts exist and he named them, discussed them, and used them to make his aikido....
The questions are
1. Why doesn't everyone?
2. Why can't they explain them?
3. Why don't they know them and where they came from and are also used?
Last and most compelling is my question...still as yet unanswered (I don't think anyone really wants to answer it)....
4. Why do those who cannot explain them, do not know where they came from and do not practice them feel like everyone else, and we... who do know them, explain them and practice and use them feel like we do?

As for moving forward and not having to repeat
1. Yes...we are trotting out his bones. It's because it used to be his art and we are helping people who want to learn his aiki.
2. Yes I already know that claiming we have a better understanding of what his aiki was draws fire.

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