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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Hey Cliff,

I think that what some people here are trying to say is that Ueshiba's training methods have deep roots in the Daito-ryu he learned from Sokaku Takeda. It would seem that Takeda taught Ueshiba a certain way to use his body. If I understand this correctly, this kind of body training has its roots in China and before that in India. This kind of training has been around for ages. But it is so different from the way we normally move that it is difficult to learn and apply. Ueshiba was one of those people with a gift and drive to embrace it and be able to apply it to his MA of choice, Daito-ryu.
For example, the book Hidden in Plain Sight and Mr Li's blogs, Mark M's posts give evidence of this. I find this an interesting study. Accept it or not. You make up your own mind. Does it really matter? No. Train in a vibrant and joyful manner... :0)

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PS My aunt Sally really loves this thread!!! Thanks.
Of course! Many people on this forum have found some new material that they are very enthusiastic about. There have been multiple epiphanies. That's really great!

But what they are training is not from Ueshiba, so it is not correct to say that it is "Ueshiba's".

There is a continual resistance to this truth, and the general shape of counter-argument goes along the lines of "but it is really great training," or "here are twelve Chris Li translations that seem to be talking about something I think i am talking about," or etc.
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