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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
Is your position that what Ueshiba was doing was unique and thus can't be taught? If that's the case why study aikido if no one can ever become like Ueshiba?

Or is your position, that if Ueshiba was unable to teach others to do what he is doing, no one else can either? That would seem contradictory, if these skills were taught to him by others, but perhaps could be the case if they were unique to him. If it was that Ueshiba was unable to teach them, then it would be an interesting conversation to discuss why he couldn't. Was it his teaching model, his teaching ability, his curriculum, was it deliberate obfuscation, was it difficulty of the subject matter, was it a mismatch of background knowledge, was it poor students or other reasons? I'm sure there is scholarly material on the subject.

I don't want to be putting word into your mouth, could you explain your statement a bit more?
My point is that translated original documents, interviews with direct students, and a smattering of footage and photographs are completely insufficient to know what it was that Ueshiba was doing.

It you therefore go to internal Chinese martial arts to develop material that looks like it might be similar to what is suggested by these translations, films, and photos, it is a misrepresentation to say you are teaching "Ueshiba's aiki."
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