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Re: "Competition"

Corky Quakenbush wrote: View Post
I am getting at the same thing I started getting at Chris - it was a match (whether much of a match or not) because it was two people out to prove something by seeing who could better the other.

Tohei Sensei, in agreeing to the competition, had to put himself in a mind to win, not in the mind of someone who wants no fight. This shows in how many times he tries to throw the American, the only time the guy goes down is when his intention to deck Tohei transcends his reflex to stay balanced.

I'm pointing out that competitions look like this (ugly), but aikido never does...
Well, perhaps Aikido never does if it's in a constrained and agreed upon situation, which covers the way that most dojo train.

In any case, I don't happen to think that competitive situations look particularly "ugly" - just a little messier.



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